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Wells Fargo Customer Service Number - 1 800-869-3557 - Get Customer Service Number
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Wells Fargo Customer Service Number – 1 800-869-3557

Wells Fargo is an American multinational financial company. Its customer service helps you with commercial banking, investing and wealth management, supports small business, provide Home loans and personal loans, and corporate and investment Banking. With Wells Fargo customer service you can buy, sell and renovate the house, find the accounts right for you, get guidance for your financial goals, explore your credit and borrowing options and keep your money and information safe by visiting the security center(which can be online). Wells Fargo customer service also assists you with your portfolio’s fluctuations and Retirement strategies.


Through Wells Fargo online you can manage and get your to account information quickly and place online orders. The following services can be avail by online contact;

Activate and turn on/off your debit cards
Add/change the email address
Change privacy preferences
Change statements delivery preferences
Pay bills
Order Checks
Set up direct deposit
Set up or modify your alerts
Share you feedback
View spending report, tax documents, account service, message center
View account balance
Request a balance transfer

Wells Fargo login, enroll in Wells Fargo online through your desktop or mobile phone. Once you enrolled you will receive a confirmation email and be ready to sign in. And For the Wells Fargo app login you can send text IPH to 93557. You receive a one-time message from Wells Fargo to log in to the app. With Wells Fargo mobile app you can deposit checks without visiting a bank, send and receive money using your email address or US number by Zelle, enjoy a Digital wallet(pay in-store through the app) facility, and quickly sign on without a Password.

Wells Fargo Customer Support Number

Wells Fargo international customer services can be avail by IBN (an international account number use to do financial transactions between insinuations in different countries), get international braches locations of Wells Fargo and their strategies information with contact numbers and know about international resources.
To contact Wells Fargo phone number is 1-800-TO-WELLS
1-800-869-3557 available 24/7.for special inquiries you can call on
1-888-818-9147 (Wells Fargo home mortgage), 1-866-355-1540 (home equity), 1-800-869-3557 (personal banking),
1-877-269-6065 (personal loans), 1-800-289-8004 (auto loan),
1-800-225-5935 (small business banking), 1-800-872-3377 (wells trade), and 1-866-817-7940 (Wells Fargo advisor service).For international customers, can toll-free calls on 
001-800-8693557(personal accounts), 001-800-2255935
(Business accounts) and 001-800-9564442
(Online customer service).

You are able to avail Wells Fargo customer supports through different social platforms including Facebook (@Wells Fargo and @ Wells Fargo advisor), 
Twitter (@Wells Fargo, Ask Wells Fargo, @ Wells Fargo investing) 
Instagram (@Wells Fargo), YouTube (@who we are), 
Pinterest (@Wells Fargo) and LinkedIn (@We are Wells Fargo). Wells Fargo customer service introduces a virtual assistant named Fargo expected to release next year. Wells Fargo’s customer service mail address is customersrvice@wellsfargo.com. And for social media service, you can mail socialmedia@wellsfargo.com.