US Airways Customer Service

Phone Numbers

  • Customer Service800-222-2377
  • Technical support1 800-327-7810

How To Contact

  • Hi, welcome to US Airways, your call maybe recorded and monitored to ensure high quality service
  • In a few words please tell me what you are calling about.
  • Book a flight.
    • Okay, new reservations, before we start, are you planning to use dividend miles to book this reservation?
    • No.
    • Alright, just so you know, you can book this trip at and save at least $25 per passenger on domestic travel or $35 for international, travelling from which city?
  • Flight status.
    • OK flight status, is it for today June 21st?
    • No.
    • Then for what date, you can say yesterday, tomorrow or just say the month and day?

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