United Airlines Customer Service

Phone Numbers

  • Mileage Plus800-421-4655
  • Post Travel Customer Service877-624-2660
  • International Flights800-538-2929
  • Customer Service800-241-6522
  • Reservations800-225-8900
  • Baggage/Luggage Problems800-335-2247
  • Corporate Offices312-997-8000
  • Member Services866-822-5827
  • Corporate Offices847-700-4000
  • Customer Service800-231-0856

How To Contact

  • Thanks for calling United Airlines.
  • How can I help you?
  • You can say flight status
    • Speaker: Flight status.
    • Flight status. If that’s not right, say, go back. Please say the flight number or the departure city.
  • book a flight
    • OK, book a flight. Is this reservation one way, round trip, or multi city?
    • round trip
    • OK, round trip. What city are you departing from?
  • existing reservation
    • Existing resrvation. If thats not right say go back.
    • if you answer just a few questions, I can quickly look up your reservation. Whats your confirmation number? You can also say hold on or continue if you dont have it.
  • mileage plus
  • or more options
    • OK, here are more options, which would you like?
    • baggage
    • refund
    • receipt
    • feedback
    • or other services