Uber Customer Service

Phone Numbers

Contact Uber customer service through this phone number. You can also call this phone number for all issues related to driver, uber taxi rates, rider issues, emergency, partners information, uber estimator, payments, business travel, uber cities locations and any help regarding uber app. We have also found few other uber contact numbers which are given below.

  • Uber International Phone Number1-866-576-1039
  • Uber Contact For Emergencies1-800-593-5994
  • Uber Support For Instant Help (Accidents)1-844-326-5774
  • Contact Uber through Fax1-877-223-8023

How To Contact

This is not a confirm phone number to talk to a live person.

These numbers are not verified as their sources are not from uber official help

We have received many complaints from drivers and riders regarding this phone number that it does not give facility to talk to any support representative rather it gives automated answers to record issues. You can also contact uber though email support at(support @ uber.com) for any claims or problems that you are facing regarding uber.com car rental services.



Additional Customer Service Phone Numbers

  • Uber Technologies Phone Number (Headquarter)1-855-23-7692
  • Uber Suport Person (Mr. Boedeker)1-415-801-4068

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