SunTrust Customer Service

Phone Numbers

Call suntrust bank on this number to contact customer support regarding personal and business banking. For other issues like mortgage rates, routing number, cash manager, online banking login in problems, auto loans, payroll, retirement plans and information about atm locations near me, call specific phone number given below.

  • Mortgage (New or Existing)1-800-634-7928
  • International customers Support1-800-ST-TRAVEL (1-800-7887-2835)
  • Online Banking, PC Banking and Mobile Banking1-800-382-3232
  • Customer Service800-634-7928
  • Customer Service866-495-5416

How To Contact

  • Thank you for calling Sun Trust
  • We now offer two options to serve you
  • to use our touch tone system press *77 now
  • otherwise just say your reason for calling, for example you could say things like Account balance, recent transactions, or funds transfer, go ahead.

Additional Customer Service Phone Numbers

  • Business Customer Service Number 1-800-752-2515
  • Report Checking Account Fraud1-800-447-8994
  • Number For Lost or Stolen Card1-800-786-8787 (Option 5)
  • SunTrust Directory Assistance Number1-800-786-8787 (Option 7 then 5)
  • Credit Bureau Disputes1-877-596-5407
  • Private Wealth Management1-866-495-5416
  • Loss Mitigation and Bankruptcy Filings1-800-443-1032

Commercial Corporate and Institutions Support

  • Commercial Banking Service Center1-866-476-1460
  • Corporate Retirement Distribution Support Services1-800-453-4015
  • SunTrust Bank Endowments and Foundations1-866-223-1499
  • Suntrust Equipment Leasing1-866-624-3084
  • Phone Number For Foreign Exchange1-800-494-9782
  • Institutional Investment Management Support1-877-984-7321
  • Suntrust Loan Servicing1-888-461-8862
  • Payroll Card Account Servicing1-800-249-2226
  • Suntrust Trade Finance1-404-813-1030
  • Suntrust Transportation Industry Banking1-615-748-5934
  • Suntrust Treasury Technical Support1-877-785-6925
  • Suntrust Wire Transfers1-800-947-3786
  • Suntrust Client Services - Florida and Tennessee1-866-448-6394
  • Suntrust Client Services - All other states1-866-448-6392
  • Suntrust International Trade Services Atlanta1-404-588-7507
  • Suntrust International Trade Services Miami1-305-579-7216
  • International Trade Services Orlando1-407-237-5102
  • Suntrust International Trade Services Richmond1-804-782-5558

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