Geico Customer Service

Phone Numbers

Need help about Geico insurance services? Now contact geico customer service through phone numbers given below including toll free 800 number for support department. You can call above given phone number for GEICO auto insurance sales and services.

  • Geico Auto Claims (Glass)1-800-510-2291
  • Emergency Road Service1-800-424-3426
  • Military Customers1-800-MILITARY,1-800-645-4827
  • Geico Collector Auto Sales Number1-800-841-2964
  • Geico Hearing Impaired Service (TDD)1-800-833-8255
  • Overseas Insurance Phone Number1-800-248-4998

How To Contact

  • Thank you for calling GEICO your call may be monitored and I will record it. Please listen careful as our menu options have recently changed.
  • If you are calling in regard to explain an accident our emergency right service press 1
  • if you would like a query for a new policy press 2
    • To insure your personal order press 1
    • to insure a commercial vehicle press 2
    • for motor cycle or ATV insurance press 3
    • for home or rental insurance press 4
    • for water craft including boats or Jets keys press 5
    • for a AV insurance press 6,to repeat this menu press 0.
  • if you set up for update and automatic payment press 3
  • to make a schedule payment press 4,
  • to check recent payment turn amount due or due date press 5
  • to request an insurance card press 6
  • to speak with a professional insurance agent press 7
  • to repeat this menu press 0.

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