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Netgear Customer Service

You can avail of Netgear customer support via an online help centre. Netgear customer service is available 24/7 through the website. It helps with account access, live support, orders and returns, billing and payments, technical support, Netgear login, device set-up, product inquiries, and other services.

Another way to avail of Netgear customer care is via live chat. You can start a Netgear customer service chat with a live agent via registering your product on a website, available 24/7. It helps with customers’ inquiries about products, account access, technical support, troubleshooting, account set-up, and other services. You can also chat with Netgear customer support via the following social accounts;
If you are a Twitter or Facebook user, you can avail of the fastest Netgear Customer service. Submit an entry form through the app or website. Send a tweet or messenger text to Facebook and Twitter Netgear customer care, and you will get a reply in a few minutes. It is available 24/7.

Netgear Customer Support Phone Number

The best way to contact Netgear customer care is via phone numbers. Netgear customer service toll-free number is 1 888 638 4327 (1-888-NETGEAR). You can also call on 1 866 480 2112 (for Netgear business product and reseller sales), 1 408 907 8000 (Netgear corporate office phone number), and 1 408 907 8000 (for sale services). Call-back service is not available on all the above numbers. Netgear customer service hours are 24/7. But the best time to call is at 2:30 pm EST.

You can avail of Netgear customer support via email. Netgear customer service email is [email protected]. You can also mail on [email protected] (for Netgear sale support), [email protected] (media inquiries) and [email protected] (Netgear franchising support).

Netgear offers a mobile app for its customer support. It helps with data tracking, streaming media, monitoring mobile hotspot connections and battery in real-time, viewing connected devices, turning on/off and hotspot rebooting, APN setting, Netgear login, and other services. You can also contact the Netgear customer support team via the mobile app.