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Motel 6 Customer Service Number - 1 800-899-9841 - Get Customer Service Number
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Motel 6 Customer Service Number – 1 800-899-9841

Motel 6 offers its customer support via an online help centre. You can avail of Motel 6 customer service 24/7 through the website. It helps with Motel 6 reservations, rates/charges, My6 app support, employment, corporate plus, Motel 6 near-me, account access, payments, and other services. Through the help centre, you can also contact Motel 6 customer care experts, available 24/7.


Another way to get help from Motel 6 customer care is via a mobile app. Motel 6 mobile app, called My6. It helps with discounts, picture details with a single click, distance rates, personalized settings, real-time notifications, COVID-19 updates, Mote 6 customer service reservations, and other services. You can also reach to Motel 6 customer care team via the mobile app.

You can contact Motel 6 customer support via email. Motel 6 customer service email is online@motel6.com. You can also mail on privicy@g6hospitility.com (Motel 6 legal support), guesrelations@g6hospitility.com (for Motel 6 relations service) and info@g6hospitility.com (for general info service).

Motel 6 Customer Support Phone Number

The best way to avail of Motel 6 customer support is via line numbers. Motel 6 customer support toll-free number is 1 800 899 9841. You can also call on 1 815 397 8000 and 1 800 466 8356 (Motel 6 customer service phone number), 1 855 202 5784 (for privacy inquiries), 1 800 392 6677 and 1 866 702 3707 (Motel 6 media support), and 1 866 702 6661 (for international customer service). Call-back service is not available on all the above numbers. Motel 6 customer service hours are 24/7. But the best time to call is at 10:15 am EST.
Motel 6 does not offer a live chatbot for customer support. But you can still chat with Motel 6 customer support via the following social accounts;
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/motel6
Twitter: https://twitter.com/motel6
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/motel6
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/motel6
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/motel-6
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/motel6
If you are a Twitter or Facebook user, you can avail of the fastest Motel 6 Customer Care. Submit an entry form through the app or website. Send a tweet or messenger text to Facebook and Twitter Motel 6 customer care, and you will get a reply in a few minutes. It is available 24/7.