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British Airways Customer Service Number - 1 800-247-9297 - Get Customer Service Number
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British Airways Customer Service Number – 1 800-247-9297

British Airways customer service includes offering special assistance (give you information about your journey), looking after your baggage (help if your bag has been lost or damaged with baggage liability), delays and cancellations, handling flight overbookings, issuing refunds quickly, your right to cancel within 24 hours, transparency of services (fares, name correction, travel documents, checking in, seating, special meals, and travel insurance) and policies, listening to your feedbacks and your legal rights. British Airways also support executive club (bronze, silver, and gold) service with abundant benefits.british-airways-customer-serviceTo avail customer support, British Airways phone numbers are;

1 800-247-9297    Toll Free Number

1-800-452-1201 and 1-212-251-6767 (USA)

421-2-686-22273 (Albania)

+44-207-136-7770 (Algeria)

0800-999-6565 (Argentina)

+61-1300-767-177 (Australia)

+1-800-452-1201 (Bahamas)

+91-124-4120-789 (Bangladesh)

+2-717-3215 and +32-271-732-15 (Belgium)

0800-891-2732 and +1-408-352-9323 (Bermuda)

+65-6823-2026 (Cambodia)

1-800-452-1201 (Canada)

400-881-0207 (china)

800-392-619 and +1-408-352-9323 (Chile)

0800-006-0300 (Egypt)

0800-1145-13 (Finland)

0826-826-747 (France)

+49-421-557-5767 (Germany)                                 +27-10-344-0135 (South Africa)

+82-02-3483-3337 (South Korea)                            +91-124-4120-789 (Sri Lanka)

+66-0018004411955 (Thailand)                               +850-2825602 (Turkey)

8000-441-3686 (UAE)                                                 +65-6823-2026 (Vietnam)

+27-10-344-0135 (zimbabwe)                               008-004-4141-3761 (Greece)

+852-3002-1208 (Hong Kong)                                   +91-124-4120-789 (India)

+44-207-136-7770 (Iran)                                            +62-00803441666 (Indonesia)

02-696-82-109 (Italy)                                                  +1809344537 (Israel)

03-3298-5209 (Japan)                                                 +27-10-344-0135 (Madagascar)

+60-3-7712-4433 (Malaysia)                                      +91-124-4120-789 (Maldives)

800-623-23 (Malta)                                                     001-800-395-8635 (Mexico)

+65-6823-2026 (Myanmar)                                        +91-124-4120-789 (Nepal)

+31-20-346-9391 (Netherlands)                                09-966-9777 (New Zeeland)

+82-02-3483-3337 (North Korea)                              800-10040 (Norway)

+44-136-7770 (Oman)                                                 +91-124-4120-789 (Pakistan)

1800-144-10626 (Philippines)                                     800-292-292 (portal)

British Airways service hours are from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm daily according to your local time. You can inquire about booking, hotels, holidays, car hire, change to existing booked flight, and flight price and can contact customer relations, help with delayed luggage and claim baggage, support with hearing impaired, and get information about IAG cargo.

British Airways offer virtual chat assistance for customer support on its website page. British Airways customer service chat includes flight booking detail, COVID-19 and travel information, check-in, API, visas and passports support, holiday booking, medical and disability assistance, baggage, seating, food and drink services, and vouchers with airports and lounges. This service is available 24/7.

British Airways customer service email is For international customers British Airways’ mail address is

You can also British Airways customer support via social media include






You can make a complaint or claim a refund for seating, food, recipient for Wi-Fi, travel expenses, and insurance here

British Airways customer service offers a mobile app to android, iPhone, apple, and iPad users. British Airways mobile app includes quick check-in, boarding passes for connecting flights, tracking your flight’s status, downloading multiple boarding passes on one device, lounge Wi-Fi password, search availability with reward flight finder, book reward flight with Avios, and view your recent executive club account transactions services.