Esurance Customer Service

Phone Numbers

  • Customer Service800-432-8612
  • Customer Service888-825-9763
  • Customer Service855-874-8575
  • Customer Service800-876-5581
  • Customer Service877-564-0224
  • Claims Department877-428-8651

How To Contact

  • Welcome to Esuarance now backed by Allstate, at any time you can speak or press the number indicated for your selection.
  • For a quote or new insurance policy, use one
    • For auto insurance, press one
    • for home or condo insurance press two
    • for renters insurance press three
    • for motorcycle insurance press four
    • to repeat press star
    • to return to the main menu press pound.
  • to report an accident or help with a claim use two
    • Thank you, for emergency road service press one,
    • for a glass only claim, press two
    • for an existing claim press three
    • to report a new claim press four
      • Your call is being transferred to the next available representative; this call may be recorded for quality purposes.
      • Thank you for contacting Esuarance claims, my name is XXXXX reporting representative, how can I help you? (real person)
    • to repeat press star,
    • to return to the main menu press pound.
  • If you have an insurance policy use three
  • if you know the four digit extension of the person you are calling use four
  • to repeat use star.

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