Equifax Customer Service

Phone Numbers

  • Equifax Cancellations866-243-8181
  • Equifax Dispute Number866-349-5191
  • Customer Service866-640-2273
  • Security Freeze888-298-0045
  • Customer Service800-203-7843
  • Canadien Customer Service866-204-9044
  • Fraud Alert888-766-0008
  • Security Breach800-525-6285
  • Customer Service866-373-9872
  • CSC Credit Services800-555-4544
  • Customer Service866-369-9152
  • Customer Service877-784-2528
  • Business Accounts800-202-4025
  • Dispute Fax888-826-0549
  • Customer Service866-229-7861
  • Customer Service800-685-5000

How To Contact

  • Hi my name is Julie thank you for calling Equifax personal solutions customer care. We provide exclusive support for our valued Equifax members, so that we can continue to improve our services to you we may monitor calls for training and quality purposes;
  • Please press one for an agent who speaks English
  • Now before I connect you with a live agent I would like to invite you to participate in a survey after your call today, we value your opinion and appreciate your time so we will keep the questions short and sweet. If you are interested press one now and we will automatically route your call to the survey after we have spoken with the agent. Otherwise please hold while I connect your call to the next available agent thanks.
  • We recently changed our menu options;
  • please listen closely so we can direct your call to the customer care representative that can best service your needs. In order to better serve you please select from the following five options.
  • To speak with a representative about changing or disputing your Equifax credit report press one
    • Your call is being transferred; the federal trade commission recently reported that nearly 27.3 million Americans were victims of identity theft in the last five year including 9.9 million people in the last year alone. Equifax can help protect you by automatically alerting you to keep changes in your credit report ask a customer care representative for more information. Be sure to activate lost wallet protection if you are an Equifax complete premier or family plan customer; once it is activated you can receive assistance in cancelling and reissuing credit and debit cards, drivers license, social security card, insurance cards, passports and travelers checks when your wallet is lost or stolen.
    • Thank you for calling Equifax, you are speaking to XXXX how can I help you today? (live person)
  • for log in help press two,
  • to cancel your product press three,
  • to speak with an Equifax product specialist press four,
  • if you are having trouble enrolling for a product press five.
  • Equifax Cancellations
  • Thank you for calling Equifax personal solutions customer care. We provide exclusive support for our valued Equifax members. This call maybe monitored for quality assurance purposes.
  • Please listen closely as our menu options have changed,
  • if you are calling about a free trial cancellation please press one
    • Thank you for calling Equifax my name is XXXX how can I assist you? (live person)
  • all others please press 2.