DHL Express Customer Service

Phone Numbers

  • DHL Global Forwarding rep1-800-426-5962
  • International Air1 (800) 234-2778
  • U.S. Domestic1 (866) 849-5100
  • DHL Express Billing Assistance1-800-722-0081

How To Contact

  • DHL Express, your specialist in international shipping, calls maybe monitored for quality assurance and feel free to interrupt me at anytime, which would you like to do:
  • schedule a pick up
  • track a package
  • find a drop off location
  • get a rate or transit quote
  • hear news about DHL or ask about something else
  • Thank you for calling DHL, for English please stay on the line.
  • Thank you for calling DHL
  • if you’re calling for a copy of an invoice, airway bill or back-up documentation for duty charges please Press 1
  • if you’re calling to make a payment with a check or Credit Card, please Press 2
  • for matters pertaining to your account or specific invoice or waybill Press 3
  • if you’re a DHL sales representative please Press 4.

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