Delta Customer Service

Phone Numbers

  • Medallion Status800-325-3999
  • Lost Baggage800-325-8224
  • Customer Service800-455-2720
  • Cargo Department800-352-2746
  • Reservations800-241-4141
  • Technical Support888-750-3284

How To Contact

  • Hi, welcome to Delta, KLM and Air France. Are you a sky miles member?
  • Yes.
  • Alright, from here you can say check flight status
  • review my reservations
  • access my sky miles account or representative
    • representative
    • OK, I’ll connect you to a representative. But to be sure Ill need just a bit more information first. Please enter or say your delta sky miles number, or say I dont have one.
    • you can also say shop for flight, discuss existing reservation or do something else
  • which one would you like?
    • Check flight status
    • Alright, hang on, Ill take you to our flight line service
    • Hi. Welcome to flight line, Delta’s automated flight departure and arrival system. First, tell me either the flight number or just the departure city. You can enter the flight number using the telephone keypad

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