Delta Airlines Skymiles Customer Service

Phone Numbers

  • Customer Service800-325-6330
  • Customer Service800-221-1212
  • Customer Care1-404-773-0305
  • Technical support1-888-750-3284
  • International Reservations1-800-241-4141

How To Contact

  • Thank you for calling Delta Airlines. Now representing our partners, Air France and KLM.
  • If you are Sky-miles member and have you 10 digit sky miles number available press 1.
  • If not press 2.
    • to better serve you, please make a selection from the following menu
    • if you are calling regarding an existing reservation or future travel on Delta Airlines, Air France or KLM, press one,
    • for questions regarding our Sky Miles program, press two.
    • For questions regarding our partners, air France or KLM’s flying blue program, press three,
    • if your checked bag has been lost, delayed or damaged, press four.
    • If you left an item on board your recent flight, press five,
    • for questions regarding a refund, press six,
      • if your question is regarding an existing refund request, please press one,
      • to request a refund, please visit our website at and search applying for a refund.
    • for comments on your completed Delta airlines travel experience, press seven.
    • To repeat this menu press eight,

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