Comcast Customer Service

Phone Numbers

  • Customer Service/Billing/Moving1-800-266-2278
  • Business Accounts800-391-3000
  • Business Customer Service877-589-8809
  • California Customer Service800-945-2288
  • Customer Service800-934-6489
  • Moving & Address Change Concierge888-959-6783
  • Deals & Packages Concierge888-379-2546
  • Corporate Offices215-286-1700
  • Technical Support866-316-1619
  • New Customer Concierge888-986-8447

How To Contact

  • Thank you for calling comcast home of xFinity [para continua en espanol marqui nueba] for quality or training purposes your call maybe monitored or recorded. Thank you please hold while we process your call, welcome to comcast home of xFinity [para continua en espanol marqui nueba] for quality and training purposes this call maybe recorded or monitored.
  • For verification if the last four numbers of your account phone number is [LAST FOUR NUMBERS] press 1
    • Okay I have got your account now it will just take a few seconds to pull out your information
    • you are at the main menu if you are having trouble with your service press 1
    • for balances payment and billing questions press 2
    • if you are moving press 3
    • to add new services or products press 4
    • to remove any of your services or products press 5
    • for questions about appointments press 6.
  • if they are not press 2.

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