Capital One Customer Service

Phone Numbers

Contact capital one bank customer care representative on this phone number. For all other issues like credit cards, auto finance, online banking, 360 products, rewards program, payment issues, saving and investment plans, master card information and to find ATM locations near me use phone numbers given below for each department.

  • Capital One Credit Card Customer Service1-800-CAPITAL (1-800-227-4825)
  • Capital One Canada (Toll Free)1-800-481-3239
  • Civil Relief Act And Military Members1-855-CAP1MIL (227-1645)
  • Hearing Impaired Service (TTY/TDD)1-800-219-1009
  • Auto Finance Phone Number1-800-946-0332
  • Capital One UK0800-952-5267

How To Contact

  • Thank you for calling Capital One bank a JD Power & Associates certified call center.
  • To report a lost or stolen ATM card, press 1.
    • Please stay on the line while your call is being transferred, to ensure the highest quality of service, your call may be recorded.
  • To change your ATM pin number, press 2.
  • For all other service request, press 3.
  • To repeat these options, press 8.
  • To speak with a representative, press 0.

Credit Card Customer Service Numbers

  • Credit Card Rewards800-228-3001
  • Fraud Protection (lost or stolen card) 1-800-427-9428, 1-800-239-7054, 1-804-934-2001
  • Personal Credit Cards (outside us)1-804-934-2001
  • Capital One Bank Secured Card1-800-219-7931
  • Online banking support1-866-750-0873
  • Apply for a credit card1-800-695-5500
  • Report death of a cardholder1-877-357-5659
  • Small Business credit card1-800-867-0904
  • Payment Protection Service1-888-527-6904
  • Spark Business Digital Banking Number1-844-88-SPARK (77275)
  • Capital One Merchant Services1-888-754-4371
  • ShareBuilder401K1-800-943-6108
  • Capital One 360 Open an Account1-800-464-3473
  • Capital One 360 (Existing Customers)1-888-464-0727
  • Capital One 360 Interactive Phone Services1-888-464-7868

Banking Phone Numbers

  • Non-Branch Account1-888-810-4013
  • Retail Branch Banking Accounts1-800-655-BANK (2265)
  • Mortgage Support (New)1-855-238-8769
  • Mortgage Customer Service (Representative)1-877-535-1212
  • Mortgage (bill Pay, payoff quotes and account stat1-800-933-9100
  • Home Equity Support (New Applications)1-877-475-1248
  • Home Equity (Submitted Application)1-866-435-6299
  • Personal Loan Customer Service1-800-926-1000
  • Personal Loan (Online sign in assistance)1-877-442-3764
  • Capital One Investing (Online Accounts)1-855-780-5047
  • Capital One Investing (Advised Accounts)1-800-248-3919

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