Bright House Networks Customer Service

Phone Numbers

  • New Customer Concierge888-715-3291
  • Deals & Packages Concierge888-858-0822
  • Moving & Address Change Concierge877-318-2092
  • New Customer Concierge888-289-8988

How To Contact

  • Welcome to Bright House Networks; for quality purposes you call may be monitored or recorded
  • first please say or enter your phone number including the area code.
  • Thanks just a moment while I look up your account; okay I have it, now in a few word please tell me what you are calling about. For example you can say, I would like to pay my bill or find a location. What is your reason for calling?
  • Customer service.
  • I will try and get you quickly to the right place for assistance; please briefly tell me why you are calling.
  • Internet outage.
  • You need assistance connecting the internet is that right?
  • Yes.
  • Okay the internet connection technical support; we have sent a signal to your equipment this may resolve the issue you are experiencing and usually has an immediate effect but it can sometimes take a couple of minutes.
  • if you are still experiencing a problem with your service please say representative and I will transfer you
  • if you are done, you can simply hang up otherwise say main menu or press 9;
  • for assistance say help or press *.
  • Representative.
  • Alright I will transfer you to a support specialist for assistance. All of our representatives are assisting other callers the next available representative will be with you shortly.

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