Apple Customer Service

Phone Numbers

  • Customer Service800-676-2775
  • Customer Service800-692-7753

How To Contact



  • Welcome to Apple, your call maybe recorded for quality assurance.
  • I’m an automated system that can handle complete sentences, so tell me how can I help you today?
  • Thanks for calling Apple Care, what kind of iPhone is it? An iPhone 5, a 4S, iPhone 4, a 3GS or say it’s a different one.
  • Caller: iPhone 5.
  • Now i’d like to get the serial number from your product, this will just take a few steps, and help me look up it’s details so that the adviser can be ready to help you, you can often find this number on the outside of the device on the original packaging or in settings under “about”, if you’re ready to give me the serial number say I’m ready or if you need a moment say hold on, and if you’re not sure where to find it say help me find it.