Air France Customer Service

Phone Numbers

  • Customer Service800-872-3224
  • Customer Service404-773-0305
  • Technical support1 800-992-3932

How To Contact


  • Thank you for calling Air France, KLM and Delta, for English press 1
  • Are you calling to check flights status?
  • No.
  • Okay if you have a Flying Blue number please say it now, you can also say continue without that.
  • Continue without that.
  • Sure now one last question are you calling to shop for a flight?
  • Yes.
  • Thanks please hold while I transfer you to a representative this call maybe recorded, lower fares maybe available on Air
  • Speaker:how can I help you with flights? (real person)  
  • Book Flights
    • Welcome to Air France online support now in Alliance with Delta and KLM for English press 1
    • if you having trouble navigating the website or currently online and need help completing a transaction press 1, or otherwise please remain on the line.
    • Speaker:support, this is XXXXX how can I help you? (real person)

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